What type of face paint do you use at a Face Painting Party?

All paints used are professional, cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic and FDA approved. Our Face paint and glitter are made for skin use only.



Does face paint wash off easily?

To remove the face painting makeup, use a dark cloth and a gentle cleanser. Baby or kids’ shampoos work well to remove face paint because of their “tear-free” feature. Lather, wipe, rinse, and repeat. Face paint will come off the skin with very little rubbing  and gentle rinsing. While trace stains of face paint may occasionally remain, they can be easily removed by applying a moisturizing lotion, waiting at least 30 minutes, and washing again. Be sure to ask your artist at your next face painting party.



How long does each child take to be face painted at a face painting party?

The amount of time it takes to face paint each design at a face painting party varies. Standard face painting designs take anywhere from 2-4 mins. More complex designs will take a bit longer depending on how intricate it may be.



How far do you travel?

Our office is located north of Seattle and we will not add a travel fee from Marysville to the greater Seattle area.  However, any engagements beyond these boundaries will require a nominal traveling fee.



Do you have a minimum?

Yes, we have a minimum of 2 hours for a party in the greater Seattle area. 



Do you provide both face painting and balloons?

Yes, for a birthday party, Giggles Entertainment can provide both face painting and balloon art for the rate quoted.  A typical party of 12 kids or less, we will be able to accommodate themed face painting and make balloon animals.



How can I pay for my face painting party?

We accept cash, checks and major credit card payments. However, a 5% convenience fee will apply to all credit card purchases.  No deposit is required however, we simply ask that you advise us as soon as possible of plans changes.




Do you provide magic?

Yes, for a party of 2 hours or more for up to 15 kids, we can provide a simple magic show to "wow" your guests.



How do I book my party?

The easiest way is through our website. Fill out the contact form and we will call or email you to confirm details.







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